Income, available funds and ultimately some form of profit – these are essential if an organisation is to pursue its objectives, lower risk and meet the aspirations of stakeholders. 

For an enterprise to be sustainable, it must be capable of generating and controlling cash flow to create a surplus.
WJH Finance Consultancy can work with you to make a detailed review of cash and profits in your business, considering each component and its impact on the company’s progress.
We’ll help you to refresh your business model, test key assumptions and seek opportunities for profit improvement through:

• refinement of existing processes
• exploring ways to win more new business
• looking for repositioning opportunities
• reducing overhead
• adding value between products and services
• improving operating efficiency.

‘Profit improvement’ is a key component in the Baker Tilly Growth Programme, a structured approach that looks at the fundamental business criteria used by banks, venture capitalists and other financiers to assess proposals.

When working hard to maximise the income of your business remember that minimising waste and inefficiency can have a positive effect.

It has been estimated that the average company loses the equivalent of 15-20% of their operating costs through waste and inefficiencies. Money that, if it could be saved, would be far better spent on growing your business.

WJH Finance Consultancy help you cut out this waste, resulting in cost savings and a major boost to profits.

The end result is a more streamlined business, with the savings made going straight to the bottom line. Whatever area of business you are in, this process should save you money.